Lucky Rune Cube
Price:  $24.99
Our Price:   $19.88
Lucky Rune Cube This is a great gift for that person who has everything or who is hard to buy for. Its a deep black cube, about 1 on a side with powerful runes on each side. Runes used are the actual Futhark runes used around 200AD. Each rune was chosen to represent fortune, power and good luck.

Inside the cube is something that is very old (as old as 2,000 years) and/or of value. The top of the cube could be removed to see what is inside. However, the cube provides luck to the person who has it as long has they keep the secrets inside. Thus, if the cube is opened it must be reset to work again.

To reset the cube, the owner can either close it and give it to another person who doesnt know the contents, or remove the contents and replace with something else of value or great age, and give it to someone who doesnt know its contents.

The cubes can be tracked to see where they have been before, as well as track them after they leave your hands. It is fun to see where across the world the cubes go.

Comments about what luck the cubes have brought to people may be left. Each cube has a unique number engraved on the bottom of it. Using this unique number you can bring up the information about the cube. You can also see where other cubes have been. The tracking website is engraved on the bottom of the cube with the number.

No two cubes are exactly alike.

Makes a great conversation piece.