Touchless Trash Can 18 Gallon Commercial Size Stainless Steel with infrared sensor
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Touchless Trashcan
"It's your daily most frequently use appliance, why not make it easier!"

Would you ever watch an old TV without a remote control again?
Welcome to the 21st Century! Once you try the Touchless Trashcan, you will never go back to the traditional or step-on trash can again. After all, it's your most used appliance everyday, make it easier!

18 Gallons Stainless Steel (Brushed Silver Stainless Steel Finish)

Take a look at the garbage can in your kitchen. It's pretty nasty, isn't it? When your hands of full of trash, and you open the lid of your garbage can to toss it in, dirt and all of those germs come in contact with the trash can. And more than likely, that is where they'll stay. Here's the better solution - Touchless Trash Can.

100% hands-free and foot-free
This device is an automatic, 100% hands-free, lidded waste disposal system that has a built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Smart-Chip that opens for you without needing to be touched or stepped on. All you have to do is move about 6 inches away from the infrared sensor near the lid.

It will open automatically and will close in three seconds (unless you are within sensor range). Manual releases and open buttons are on the front, and it has a low battery indicator light. Includes a garbage bag fix ring to keep bags from falling and keep bags from hanging/showing outside the trashcan. Large 13 gallon capacity. Uses four "D" batteries (not included).

How it works:
The Touchless Trashcan uses patented invisible harmless infrared technology. Place hand or debris about 6 inches away from the infrared sensor near the lid. It will open instantly when you approach and will close automatically in 3-second after debris has been released and hand moves away. Lid will remain open if debris or hand is within 6 inches range of the infrared sensor. There are 2 buttons on the front to open and close the lid manually and an on/off switch on the back of the trashcan.

What are the benefits?
It creates a germ free, odor free, automated environment. It keeps your hands clean when cooking or touching your kid. It opens for you automatically when your hands or feet are occupied. Your kids will have fun to throw the trash for you. It just make sense! In fact, it outlasts most of the step-on and hand-touch trash cans. "You don't touch it and you won't break it!" Tested opening 100,000 times in laboratory. If you open 20 times a day, it can last over 10 years. This can actually be the last trash can you will ever buy. It saves you money.

The facts:
Professionals recognized Touchless TrashcanTM as the next generation of waste receptacle in most circumstances. Its prominent advantage in non-touch hygienic feature just meet the immediate need in healthcare facilities and elderly homes. All people experienced our Touchless TrashcanTM will never like to use the traditional or step-on waste can again, just as you will never go back to watch an old TV without a remote control.

Energy Saving - The special energy saving design of Touchless TrashcanTM enable its four D size heavy duty batteries support up to 10,000 consecutive open and shut, or more than one year use in non-frequent circumstances. All products possess certification of CE, TUV, and comply with quality assurance requirements of ISO9001:2000.

NO "Fallen Bag" Problem - Specially designed Fix Ring tightly holds the edges of the bag to prevent it from falling. Use Regular plastic garbage bags or even grocery bags! No need to buy special garbage bags which many high-end garbage cans require.

Improve the look of your kitchen - The Touchless Trashcan can make any kitchen look modern and will be a great conversation piece.

Great gifts for Christmas, birthdays, and all occasions. Since the trash can is the most frequently use appliance in the house, it makes the best house warming gift.

Who and where should have the Touchless Trashcan?
Hotel, Dental Office, Medical Clinic, Hospital, Laboratory, School, Office, Restaurant, Home, etc., Mom, Elderly, Doctor, Disabled person, and everyone on earth!

Please note: actual weight of this item is 30 lbs however this item ships via over sized.

Product Specifications:

- Model#: DZTC18
- 18 gallon capacity
- New iTouchless AI Smart-Chip II
- New SilenX Technology
- New "Eagle Eye" Infrared Sensor
- Brushed Stainless Steel Finish
- Automatic, 100% hands-free
- Built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Smart-Chip
- Low battery indicator light
- Uses four "D" batteries (not included). Batteries last up to 1 year.
- Capacity: 49.5 liter (13.1 gallon)
- Comes with Garbage Bag Retainer Ring
- 1 Year Warranty

NEW iTouchless AI Smart-Chip II
New 2006 model with faster and smarter user interface. It knows exactly when you want to open and close the lid of the trash can.

NEW SilenX Technology
New 2006 model with improved 2-level quite lid closing mechanism.

NEW "Eagle Eye" Infrared Sensor
New 2006 model with water resistant sensor eye and Point-N-Lock Beam technology.

Brushed stainless steel finish, optional AC adaptor, optional wheel set. This item ships via Oversized class. True weight: 5 lbs