Replace mising game pieces
Our Price:   $24.99

Replace missing tokens and such from your games - or even make your own!

Traderhut can manufacture thin hardwood, acrylic or cardboard parts to replace pieces missing from your games. The pieces are made from 1/8" or 1/4" hardwood plywood, which can be done in a wide array of colors. We will custom make the parts, normally using our artwork - or can use either your images or your Corel draw artwork. The initial setup charge is the price of this item, and includes 10-20 parts and up to 1 hour of prep time. Additional prep time may be required if we are doing a lot of the design of the pieces.

If you are creating your own game, we can assist you in creating awesome boards and pieces - see Wordfare! for an example.
We can even market these games for you, giving you a percentage of the profits.

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