Deni Magic Vac Champion
Price:  $249.95
Our Price:   $199.88
Deni offers commercial food preservation technology, designed to offer advanced levels of continuous food packaging for the home. Vacuum packing will revolutionize the way you store and purchase food. By storing food in a vacuum (which means without air) the shelf life for refrigerated, frozen and pantry foods is greatly increased. Air can cause food to become stale, rancid, ferment, dried out, or develop freezer burn. Vacuum packing keeps your food fresher longer.

Package foods bought at farmers' markets or store specials as well as items grown in the garden and portion control for later use. Foods packaged in vacuum packages such as cheeses and deli meats, once opened, will maintain their taste and quality when re-vacuumed sealed in Deni Magic Vac bags or canisters. Meats, fish and vegetables can be frozen without freezer burn maintaining their fresh flavor and texture. Dry goods such as coffee, rice, flour and nuts will also have a much longer shelf life when vacuum packed.

If you are concerned about food preservation as well as budget savings, this exclusive product from Deni provides ideal commercial quality vacuum packaging for the home. Preserve the freshness, flavor, color and nutrients of food for up to five times as long as conventional food storage methods. Countless items can be stored and preserved in the patented airtight bags. You will save money by having less food waste, and you will find endless ways to save time and energy with this versatile appliance.

  • Patented vacuum chamber system to remove air from bags
  • Sealing strip for a strong, secure seal
  • Manual seal dial to stop the vacuum process for delicate foods
  • Manual vacuum override to override the vacuum process
  • Hose port for vacuum packing in canisters, bottles and jars
  • Seal timer for adjustable sealing time for different bag thicknesses and continuous sealing
  • Stainless steel bag cutter to cut bag to desired size
  • Convenient bag storage
  • Fully automatic or semi-automatic vacuum and sealing

Product comes with a jar attachment, a hose, and a roll of single bags.