Freshlock Turbo II Vacuum Sealer
Price:  $49.95
Our Price:   $39.95
If you're concerned about food preservation as well as budget savings, FRESHLOCK Turbo II is the ideal home-use compact vacuum sealer.

FRESHLOCK Turbo II preserves the freshness, flavor, color and nutrients of food for about twice as long, as compared to other storage methods. That's because it vacuum-seals food air-tight in polyethylene plastic bags that are made to the exact size needed. Recommended for microwave or boil-in-bag cooking.

Plus, FRESHLOCK Turbo II will store and protect countless other household items. In fact, with so many ways to save with FRESHLOCK Turbo II, you will recognize instantly that is pays for itself over and over again!

FRESHLOCK Turbo II includes one 11 in. x 33 ft. superior-grade polyethylene roll. A polyethylene Replacement Three-Pack is also available.

Fast and Powerful Turbo Vacuum Action
An aerodynamic turbo-fan and a new four channel nozzle, which firmly holds the bag, provides a faster, better vacuum action.

Unique Heat Selector Switch
Choose High, Medium or Low heat setting to seal plastic and plastic lined foil wrap of different thicknesses. Ideal for resealing potato chips, brown sugar, pasta, rice, cheese and other items in it's original store packages.

Exclusive Create-A-Pouch Switch
Create one or more connected bags. Attach and save sauces with entrees or toppings with desserts. Create portions, snacks or sort ingredients for baking.

Extra Protection, High Integrity Sealing Action
Patented three wire seal provides superior sealing action and unmatched ease of operation.

Performance safety feature automatically cuts each bag without the need for scissors or a razor blade.