Wall Vault - Keypad
Price:  $379.00
Our Price:   $299.00
Our Wall Vault line of personal secure storage devices are revolutionary locking vaults that open with just the touch of your finger on the keypad. These products are designed as access denial secure storage for weapons, medications, jewelry and other valuable or potentially harmful items.

* Maximum Durability.
* Easy To Program.
* Wall Mounted.
* Protective Interior.
* Instant Access.
* Low Battery Alert System.

Gone are the days of unreliable storage devices and lost keys. The SecureLogic Keypad Wall Vault utilizes unique codes that YOU choose to keep your valuables protected, and open instantly when you need them! It's a small price to pay for safety. Includes rechargeable battery, battery charger, allen wrench, instructions & template.

The Secure Logic Wall Vault was designed and engineered by a concerned, caring gun owner to protect himself and his loved ones from an accidental discharge while insuring optimum family security. The Secure Logic Wall Vault is the state of the art firearm safety device.

A hidden secondary compartment can secure documents, passports, firearms and accessories, and more. The Wall Vault uses a long-lasting 12-volt rechargeable battery so there are no batteries to replace. Just plug in the charger when the audible alert sounds. The Secure Logic Wall Vault combines the ultimate in safety and accessibility making it a handgun owner's best friend.

What thieves cannot find, they cannot steal. Our Wall Vault line of in-home firearm safety devices can easily be installed between two 16 inch on center studs of any wall in your home by any do-it-yourselfer.