Wordfare! Deluxe

Wordfare deluxe box

Deluxe version with wood tiles and engraved hardboard box

Our Price:   49.88

Economy 2 player version with plastic tiles and cardboard box:
Note: the board is the same, and additional tiles can be purchased to make it a 4 player game.

Our Price:   19.88


Wordfare! is an exciting new game that combines the fun of Scrabble with the strategy of chess! However, unlike chess, you don't need to be a mastermind to be good at it.  Unlike scrabble, the person with the best 'scrabble' vocabulary doesn't always win.

You can learn the rules in a few minutes. Here are most of the rules:

1. Draw 20 tiles at random, pick the 10 you like best and put them on your row #1 (the row closest to you)
2. Roll 2 dice, select one and move a tile that many spaces in a straight line. Save the other one for later use.
3. Your opponent does the same. As your letters move together, you can form words with either player's letters.

There are blank tiles and a special * tile used to replace any letter.
The * tile can only be used by the player who owns it; the blanks can be used by either player.

Your score is based on how far away from your home row the letters are times the length of the word (not counting blank and * tiles). There are a couple of other simple rules about capturing letter tiles, but you get the idea.

Wordfare! has been called 'the most innovative word game since Scrabble' and makes an excellent gift for anyone who enjoys words or word games.


You can read a recent review of the game by Tom Vasel at www.thedicetower.com.

He comments that he likes the game more than scrabble, and so do we!