Traderhut offers Photography services

Traderhut takes photos for events in and around the DFW Texas area, or outside that area if travel is paid.       We have a full portable studio, and can do portrait photographs on site.  We can also arrange a professional make up artist for an additional fee.

We take about 15,000 photos per year, so there is a good chance we might have the stock photo you are looking for.  If not, we might take it for you!

Contact us  via the contact us link at the top of the page for details:

Our rates are only $50 / Hour (Plus travel, if required) - and we offer you the reproduction rights at reasonable rates.

Some examples of our work:

Rocket photos (We also make custom fins, one of our customers is RedRiverRocketry - We can make any fin design in balsa, or up to 1/4" plywood up to 20x30"!  Contact Us for details.)